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Vinotherapy / Wine Therapy

In our online store of aloe vera products, we offer a varied selection of wine therapy, so you can take advantage of all its benefits and properties in the care of your skin.

What is wine therapy

Vinotherapy represents the fusion of the nutritional benefits of aloe vera and certain properties extracted from the grape, mainly exfoliating.

In wine therapy you will find a careful selection of products, which can offer excellent results for your skin and your well-being, taking advantage of the natural benefits of aloe vera and those combined with grape derivatives, such as seed oil.

Benefits of wine therapy

Wine therapy is being increasingly requested by our customers, as it takes advantage of all the benefits of aloe vera and specific grape seed oil.

Thanks to the fact that it is possible to use them in different finishes, we have a very diverse selection of products, which can offer different benefits. In this way, wine therapy is useful for exfoliating, moisturizing, cleansing, anti-wrinkle treatments...

In addition, the wine therapy products take advantage of the benefits of the aroma of the grape, which add an exotic touch to your aesthetic and facial care complements.

More specifically, the wine therapy products stand out above all for the antioxidant benefits of the grape, included in this type of formulas.

These antioxidants, present in most occasions as polyphenols, are capable of neutralizing free radicals, which are the elements that cause the oxidation of the cells of our skin, with the remarkable effects on it that we already know.

Taking advantage of our wine therapy products in the daily care of your skin, you can avoid these effects and enjoy continuous body protection, healthy hydration and many other benefits.

Vinotherapy products

One of the qualities offered by wine therapy as a skin treatment is to be able to develop specific products for different cosmetic treatments.

In our online catalog we have gathered all the possible variety of body wine therapy products, so you can take advantage of the benefits that interest you most.

Choose your most appropriate cosmetic supplements and combine them with other aloe vera developments that we have available in our online store, to enjoy the best care of your skin.

The most common treatments in facial and body wine therapy are those related to a moisturizing, exfoliating and anti-wrinkle care. However, for any of these benefits, you have available products of different types, from lotions to body oils, bath gels or creams for direct cutaneous application.

This variety allows you to choose the wine therapy cosmetic product that best fits your body care preferences. All of them are developed under highly effective formulas, so you just have to choose the best way to take advantage of them.

In addition to the known benefits of wine therapy, these cosmetic products can also be very useful for other purposes.

For example, grape seed oil, combined with the properties of aloe vera, achieves a very useful restorative effect for irritated skin or that have been exposed to prolonged sun exposure.

Even as a protector, seed oil for the lips offers an interesting protective layer, against the effects of the sun and the wind, besides nourishing, hydrating and softening our skin.

Wine therapy, due to its properties and its exotic aroma, is also an ally in repairing and relaxing baths. Take advantage of our wine bath salts, to get maximum cleanliness of your skin, while enjoying the greatest possible relaxation.

If you want to take advantage of all the general benefits of wine therapy, you also have packs and baskets with several products that include aloe vera and grape seed oil, which you can take advantage of in the daily care of your skin.



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