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Fighting the signs of ageing is one of the most common aesthetic goals in the world, which is why products for wrinkles are among our most sought-after. To remove wrinkles you need the right natural products, which can provide nutrients and properties to achieve noticeable effects in a short time and which can offer long-term prevention.

    Best products for treating wrinkles

    In Aloe Plus Lanzarote you have at your disposal the best products to eliminate wrinkles, thanks to the properties of their active ingredients.

    Among them, and depending on each product, we can find rosehip oil, snail slime, grape seed oil, shea butter, argan oil and, of course, our Canary Islands aloe vera.

      How to remove wrinkles?

      To remove wrinkles from the forehead or from any other part of the face and body we have to use the best combination of products and active ingredients. We also need to adopt some practices and do away with bad habits that affect our skin.

      A good wrinkle treatment will stand out for the presence of antioxidant elements, which slow down cell oxidation and therefore delay the effects of ageing, including the appearance of wrinkles.

      Moisturising and collagen stimulation are also important to fill in the gaps in the skin that form expression lines or incipient wrinkles, so that the rejuvenating effect is more evident.

        Cream for wrinkles

        A good cream for wrinkles will include a set of active ingredients that will bring together these and other properties, giving you the desired effects.

        Different types of creams range from those that differentiate between treatment for men and women (given the different characteristics of each skin type), to those that focus on specific parts of the body. As such, we have cream for wrinkles on the face, body moisturisers for the rest of the body, and even specific creams with aloe vera for the eye contour, where expression lines also form quite easily.

          Aloe vera for wrinkles

          Of all the natural products, aloe vera is one of the most recommended for treating wrinkles and the signs of ageing in general.

          Aloe vera offers its antioxidant activity, with which we can delay the signs of ageing. By acting against the action of free radicals, it can achieve the remarkable effects we seek.

          Aloe vera also stimulates and increases the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis, making our skin appear younger.

          Aloe vera has the ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and more effectively deliver all its nutrients and vitamins.

          Its moisturising effect is also very important, as it is a natural product that prevents skin dryness and keeps it moisturised, shiny and looking rejuvenated and healthy.



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